Children's Week Council of Australia


The mission of the Children’s Week Council of Australia (CWCOA) is to encourage, support, guide, co-ordinate and monitor the widest possible participation of all States and Territories in Children’s Week™, ensuring that programs and activities are open to all children regardless of race, colour, sex, ability, religion, nationality or social origin.

The objectives of the Council are to:


  • Focus National and local attention and awareness on Children’s Week™, with due regard to the rights, needs and accomplishments of children in Australia within the context of the family, the community and the world

  • Encourage all States and Territories to plan and conduct events to celebrate Children’s Week™

  • Be able to affiliate or associate with any organisations or persons approved by Council, which are concerned with and facilitates children’s rights and well-being

  • Promote the active involvement of children and consultation with children in planning and implementation of children’s services and activities

  • Do such other things as may be appropriate to the attainment of such mission and objectives


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