Children's Week 2016 Launch

at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


NSW Children’s Week opens by recognising children’s contribution to the community

Friday 21 October 2016

Today, to mark the launch of NSW Children’s Week, five awards will be presented to outstanding young people and advocates at the NSW Children’s Week launch event at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney as the Garden celebrates its 200th Birthday year.

NSW Children’s Week 2016 will be celebrated from Saturday 22 October through to Sunday 30 October. Children’s Week is celebrated annually to mark Australia’s ratification of the UN Convection of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

NSW Children’s Week Ambassador, Mr Andrew Johnson, the Advocate for Children and Young People said that Children’s Week is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of realising child rights.

“Children’s Week is a time to reflect on ensuring that we are doing all we can to ensure the rights of children are realised.

“Australia’s ratified the UNRC 26 years ago, we must recognise that there is still a long way to go to turn children’s right from rhetoric to reality,” Mr Johnson said.

Receiving awards at today’s event under the Children’s Fig at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney are:

  • The Exceptional Young Person Award will be presented to Emily Holman. Emily, a young carer who through the On Fire program in Campbelltown is working as a mentor and program leader.
  • The Endeavour Award will be presented to Emily Arthur. Emily is a young carer who volunteers with the On Fire program based in Campbelltown to support other young carers living in families affected by mental illness.
  • The Community Commitment Award will be presented to Eden Marine High School for their Community Service Program. Every week a group of over 60 students involved in the program visit residents of a retirement home very week.
  • The Advocacy for Children Award will be presented to two joint winners this year. Shaping Outcomes in Byron. The Shaping Outcomes program works to support the families of young children with disability and/or developmental delay. KU Starting Points in Macarthur is an Early Childhood Intervention program for families with children under eight years of age with disability and/or developmental delay.

NSW Children’s Week Council Chairperson, Ms Jennifer Evans said that the NSW Children’s Week Council is delighted to recognise the very significant contributions of both children and those who work with children through the awards program.

“Just as in previous years, this year’s award nominees are all inspiring in their commitment to their communities. The five chosen award recipients are each deserving and it is my great pleasure to acknowledge their contribution with a NSW Children’s Week Award.